Introducing, X-Tra-Lift

The X-Tra-Lift by Stellar Industries “Pickup Truck Redefined”

Hauling items in a truck that are heavy and bulky just got easier. Rinspeed, Inc. and Stellar Industries, Inc. have teamed up to develop the X-Tra-Lift. Through the use of hydraulic technology and advanced engineering, the pickup truck has been redefined.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the patented X-Tra-Lift is a very practical and universal lifting device for OEM and aftermarket applications. The lift allows you to transport motorcycles, recreational vehicles, personal watercraft, appliances, vending machines and anything else that would fit in the pick-up box. The X-Tra-Lift can even load and unload from a loading dock!

The X-Tra-Lift carrier quickly detaches by simply removing two retaining pins from the forward end of the carrier. This allows more than one carrier to be used, or to use the existing pick-up box if so desired.

Three models of the X-Tra-Lift are offered. The Model 1300 for mounting on a 3/4-ton heavy-duty truck can pickup over 1,300 pounds, Model 2000 has the capacity to lift 2,000 lbs. while remaining level through the entire cycle and the X-Tra-Lift Xchange uses a hooklift system to lift an amazing 3,000 lbs.

A Few of Our Proud Customers

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