X-Tra-Lift 1300

Product Information


When mounted on a 3/4-ton heavy-duty truck, the hydraulic powered X-Tra-Lift 1300 can pick up over 1,300 pounds (600 kg), when evenly distributed across the carrier. The width of the carrier is 48″ allowing the transportation of 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood or drywall. Currently the X-Tra-Lift is designed to fit most domestic trucks. The X-Tra-Lift has undergone extensive strain gauge testing to ensure a quality, long lasting operational life. Installation is relatively easy for an aftermarket installer or for an experienced hobbyist.

The carrier of the X-Tra-Lift can be modified to fit your needs by adding a motorcycle wheel chock, extra tie-down rings, or by adding casters to the bottom of the carrier to allow easy movement when detached from the X-Tra-Lift. Optional accessory lights can be added to the top bar for easy viewing during low light.

Operation is done by a tethered remote or by an optional remote control key fob.

If you need a lift that will offer top performance in an industrial or commercial environment, the X-Tra-Lift is for you. Rugged design and a minimum amount of frills ensure a hard working lift.

NOTE: The X-Tra-Lift 1300 body is only capable of 45” width when mounted on any Chevrolet or GMC truck manufactured since the 2007 model year.  If customer requires a bed wider than 45”, please consult Stellar Industries, Inc.